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Step Recording

Unlike tweening, in which Director creates animation frames for you, step recording is a technique in which you animate a sprite one frame at a time. You manually adjust the properties of a sprite, such as position, to create an animation. You can use step recording to refine a tweened sprite. You also can step-record a complex scene in which sprites need to move in coordination. Use step recording when you need precise, frame-by-frame control of your sprite animation.

To step-record:

In the score, select one or more sprites.

Click the first frame for step recording.

Choose Control > Step Recording.

An indicator appears next to selected sprites in the score (Figure 4.31).

Figure 4.31. Select sprites for step recording and click the frame where you want to start. An indicator appears in each channel that contains a selected sprite.

Choose Window > Control Panel.

Arrange the sprite on the stage for the first frame (Figure 4.32).

Figure 4.32. The sprite in frame 1.

If you selected more than one sprite for step recording, the sprites move in unison.

Click the Step Forward button in the Control Panel (Figure 4.33) to record the frame to the score and advance to the next frame.

Figure 4.33. Click the Step Forward button to record a frame.

If you step past a sprite's last frame, Director automatically extends the sprite into the next frame.

Arrange the selected sprites for the next frame of the step recording.

You can cancel step recording for a particular sprite by selecting the sprite and deselecting Step Recording in the Control menu.

Repeat steps 6 and 7 to step-record as many frames as you need.

When you finish, select the sprites that you step-recorded and choose Control > Step Recording.

A step-recorded sprite path and the resulting score might look something like Figure 4.34.

Figure 4.34. An example of a step-recorded path.

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