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Chapter 14. NEWS SEARCHING > Using News Search Engines - Pg. 89

NEWS SEARCHING 89 Using News Search Engines Finding news stories in general search engines is useful when you're covering a very major story that's extended over several months, or sometimes (rarely) when you're covering a very minor story that is only covered by small newspapers that aren't indexed by the news search engines. They're also good for covering technical or industry-oriented stories that you'll find in sources that for the most part are not indexed by news search engines. But for general news, or for news that has a short lifetime, or news that gets a reasonable amount of national coverage, the news search engines work better. You can sort your results by date, view news that was indexed within a certain date range, and eliminate a lot of false positives that you might get for general Web searching. For news searching I can recommend five different searches. Google News-- PROS:Over 4,500 sources, several international versions (look at the bottom of the page for links to international versions; more are being added all the time); a good advanced search that allows you to restrict your search by date range, by source, and by all sources in a particular country or U.S. state. CONS:Only 30 days' worth of news is archived. A full source list is not provided. YOUR STRATEGY:Since Google News only indexes recent news, do not use it to search for news stories that have evolved over a period of months. Do not use general search words; there are far too many sources here and you'll be overwhelmed. If the date isn't important, be sure to allow the results to be sorted by relevance (that's the default) as that "clusters" similar stories into groups. Take advantage of the advanced search if your news research is oriented toward one country or U.S. city.