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Chapter 22. CONSUMER HELP > Recall Information - Pg. 149

CONSUMER HELP 149 Sometimes you'll have a perfectly fine transaction, only to find out later that the product you pur- chased had some kind of problem. Recall Information Before I show you a few places where you can look up recall information, bear one thing in mind: Just because a product is recalled doesn't mean it's necessarily bad. I'm not allergic to peanuts or to eggs. Therefore, a product that has been recalled because it contains undeclared peanuts or eggs is not hazardous to me. When you read that a product has been recalled, do not assume, especially in the case of food, that the recall means that product is bad. Consumer Product Safety Commission Product Recalls-- cpscpub/prerel/prerel.html This is the central place for recall information online. There are several ways to go through this information. Product recalls are listed by month, company, and type. Categories include Appliances, Clothing, and Sports Products. Click on a category and you'll get a list of items in that category, backwards by date. Unfortunately there's no date on the items, but if you want to get an ongoing list of the recalls this site does offer an RSS feed. Click on the item and you'll get a full press release including a description of the item, the reason for the recall, and a summary of any problems that consumers have had with the item thus far. The CPSC does not oversee all products, and as such has a list of links to government agencies that do regulate those products (like the FDA). If you want a more extensive list of product recalls, you can get it at, but the recall list only goes back a couple of months.