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Chapter 8. pictures > adding a sequence of photographs

adding a sequence of photographs

The Web Wizard is fine for creating a new site based around the concept of photographs—a photo album. But if you already have a site and you want to add a sequence of photographs to it, you're better off using the Photo Sequence Wizard. I'll add a photo sequence to my wedding resources site. Here's how:

  1. First, open the Trellix Web file to which you want to add a photo sequence.

  2. Choose Insert > Image/Clipart > Photo Sequence Wizard from the menu bar. The Photo Sequence Wizard appears. This Wizard steps you through the process of adding a list of links to photos to a page in your Web site.

  3. Decide whether to add the list of links to your photos to the current page or to a new overview page. I think an overview page is nice, so I leave the button for that choice selected (the default choice is to create a new overview page).

  4. Add your title, text for the overview page, and optional photo for that page (figure 8-15). Click Next.

    Figure 8-15. adding the content for the overview page

  5. In step 2 of the Wizard, choose which photos to add (figure 8-16). If you read through the section earlier about creating a photo album Web site with the Web Wizard, you'll notice that it and the Photo Sequence Wizard are starting to bear a striking resemblance at this point, so please bear with me as I repeat myself a bit. When you've added all your photos, click Next.

    Figure 8-16. adding photos

  6. In step 3 of the Wizard, you see that each photo is going to be its own Web page, and you get to add a title and caption for each one. The title you type will also be used as the link text on the overview page, so be descriptive. When you've added a title and caption for one, click Save and Edit Next to move on to the next photo. Repeat until you've done them all.

  7. In that same step you can also rotate each picture 90 degrees in either direction if it came out sideways (sometimes photos get scanned sideways or rotated some other way in some piece of software). Choose whether you want the captions to appear above or below the photos by clicking on the appropriate choice. The remaining option is to have Trellix Web automatically resize your images to fit in a browser window (800 × 600 pixels—more on pixels later in this chapter). The resize option is selected by default. The option only takes effect when your pictures are larger than would fit in a browser window. If your visitor has to scroll, the picture is too big. I recommend keeping this option checked. When you're done, click Next.

  8. In the final step, you can adjust the order of the pages. If you don't like the current order, click on the name of a picture that you want to move and use the Move Up and Move Down buttons. You can also delete pages here. When it's all set, click Finish.

  9. Trellix Web creates the pages for you and displays the overview page, which contains links to each photo page (figure 8-17). I moved the caption to the right of the picture as before, by going into the Location tab of the Image Properties dialog box. I also turned off the map so that I could better see how the page will look.

    Figure 8-17. my new overview page, with links to the photos



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