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adding pages

I want to add two new main pages to the file. There are a few ways to do this, and here I will describe the easiest, most basic ways: creating a new page from scratch and copying an existing page.

adding a page by creating a new page

  1. Click the Add Page button, or choose Insert > Page, or right-click (click the right-hand mouse button) in the map and choose Insert Page. The Insert New Page dialog box appears.

  2. Type a title for your page (figure 4-6).

    Figure 4-6. inserting a new page into your file

  3. selsct a page layout by choosing one from the drop-down list (figure 4.7). For now just accept the default layout—in this case, text—that trellix web provides.

    Figure 4-7. the "text" layout is already selected for you

  4. Click OK. Trellix Web creates the page and displays it in the page area, and a new page icon appears in the map, selected—that is, yellow with a dotted "halo" outline, meaning that its contents are displayed in the page area (figure 4-8).

    Figure 4-8. the page icon for your new page

  5. If you don't like where Trellix Web put the page's icon, you can move it anywhere in the map you like. To move it, click it and drag it to its new location (figure 4-9).

    Figure 4-9. moving the new page icon in the map to a better position

  6. Now you need to add a link to your new page on the home page. Go back to the home page (by clicking the "home" link or the home page icon in the map) and look at the links to the main pages on the home page. Click to place the cursor at the end of the last link and press Enter twice to create a new line for your link.

  7. Right-click the new line where you want the link to be placed, and choose Link to a Page Using > Title Field (figure 4-10).

    Figure 4-10. choosing to create the link from the page's title field

  8. Nothing much seems to have happened, but notice that the mouse pointer appears to be dragging a small "chain link" beneath it. Click with this link shape pointer on your new page's icon in the map (figure 4-11).

    Figure 4-11. click a page icon to link to that page

  9. The link automatically appears on the home page, using the text from your new page's title field (figure 4-12).

    Figure 4-12. click a page icon to link to that page

  10. Now you have to choose the up level, the page that the new page will branch from in the map. The up level for a main page such as this is the home page. Right-click the new page's icon in the map and select Choose Up Level (figure 4-13).

    Figure 4-13. choosing the page's up level

  11. You will see the link shape pointer again. Click the home page's icon to create the up level. Trellix Web draws the line in the map to show that the home page branches to your new page (figure 4-14).

    Figure 4-14. the map shows your new page (right) branching off the home page

  12. Repeat steps 1 through 11 to add another page.



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