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Part: 4 Working with JavaScripts and Jav... > More JavaScript Fun - Pg. 206

206 Chapter 18. More JavaScript Fun In This Chapter · Changing images on the fly with mouseovers · Password-protecting your pages · Using JavaScript to work with forms · Setting up a drop-down list of links · Calculating mortgage payments · A whack of JavaScripts that'll have your visitors begging for more The previous chapter showed you that although programming JavaScript is tough, just inserting a script or two into a page isn't a big deal. If you liked the examples I took you through in that chapter, wait until you see what I have in store for you here. By necessity, these are much more complex scripts, but you'll see that they do much more interesting things. Don't worry if some of the scripts look intimidating. Remember: You don't have to understand their inner workings to get them to work.