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Chapter 20. Web Page Doodads You Should ... > Talk Amongst Yourselves: Adding a Ch... - Pg. 230

Web Page Doodads You Should Know About 230 · site has an "Express Search" product that's free for sites that have fewer than 500 pages. The only requirement is that you place an Atomz logo on the search results page. This is the most popular of the search servers. · service is free for sites that have up to 32 MB of data. You're required to place a banner ad (which will show ads for various products) on the search results page. · "Free Package" offered by this service lets you index up to 250 pages. The results page will have both a banner ad (with ads from FusionBot sponsors) and a FusionBot logo. · best search engine for the Web also of- fers a "SiteSearch Companion" for your site. The free version will index an unlimited number of pages, and the results page (on which Google reserves the right to display an ad) looks just like the regular Google page. Webmaster Wisdom To help you check out the stuff in this chapter, I put together a page with links to the sites I mention. See