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Chapter 20. Web Page Doodads You Should ... > Sneakily Hiding Text with HTML Comme... - Pg. 237

Web Page Doodads You Should Know About 237 Figure 20.3. Text that resides between the HTML comment tags is totally shunned by the browser. The Least You Need to Know · Search types. There are two main types of search component that you should consider: a search host and a CGI script. · Chat room and bulletin board types. Most chat rooms and bulletin boards are hosted on remote servers and you place either a Java applet or some JavaScripts on your page. There are also CGI scripts that you install on your web host. · The include tag. Use this tag to automatically insert the tags and test from a specified text file: <!--#include file="TextFileName"--> · The echo tag. Use this tag to insert data into a page, depending on the variable you specify: <!--#echo var="VariableName"--> · Hiding text from the browser. Use the HTML comment tags to force the browser to ignore a section of text: <!--Hidden text goes here-->