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Chapter 20. Web Page Doodads You Should ... > Using Server-Side Includes to Insert... - Pg. 234

Web Page Doodads You Should Know About <!--#config timefmt="TimeFormat"--> 234 You place this tag immediately before your SSI echo tag, and you replace TimeFormat with any of the formats listed in Table 20.2. Table 20.2. Some SSI Config Tag Formats Format %a %A %b %B %c %C %d %H %I %j %m %M %p %S %U %w %W What You Get The abbreviated weekday name The full weekday name The abbreviated month name The full month name The date and time format that's appropriate for the user's locale The default date and time format The day of month (from 01 to 31) The hour in 24-hour format (00 to 23) The hour in 12-hour format (01 to 12) The day of the year (001 to 366) The month of the year (01 to 12) The minute (00 to 59) A.M. or P.M. The second (00 to 59) The week of the year, where Sunday is the first day of the week (00 to 51) The day of the week (Sunday = 0) The week number of year, where Monday is the first day of the week (00 to 51)