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Chapter 23. Turning Pro: Becoming a Paid... > Getting the Word Out: Advertising an... - Pg. 268

Turning Pro: Becoming a Paid Web Designer 268 Webmaster Wisdom Make sure your clients understand (put it in writing, too!) that any design or content changes that aren't in the contract result in extra charges. · Website Development Agreements: Planning and Drafting--This site offers an exhaustive (and often intimidatingly technical) look at the issues involved in creating web design contracts. See Getting the Word Out: Advertising and Promotion With site design being such a growing concern, you better believe that there are thousands of like- minded souls out there competing for those client bucks. To help your business stand out from the herd, you need to blow your own horn by doing a little advertising and promotion. By far the best marketing tool in existence is a little thing called word of mouth. Im pressed clients