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Chapter 23. Turning Pro: Becoming a Paid... > Getting Started: Your Business Plan - Pg. 264

Turning Pro: Becoming a Paid Web Designer 264 · What's my name/domain?Think long and hard about the name you want to use. Lots of rookie web weavers seem to change their business name every six months or so, which is no way to build your "brand." As soon as you've thought of a great name, immediately go to Network Sol- utions ( or some other registration service (such as or register. com) and register the corresponding domain name. Having a "dot com" domain instantly makes your business look more solid and respectable. You think anyone's going to give money to someone with a 100-character long URL from GeoCities? I don't think so. Webmaster Wisdom If your interest lies more in "going captive"--getting a full-time job as a corporate web spinner--read this chapter anyway. For one thing, it helps immensely if you have a page "portfolio" that you can show to prospective employers. For another, many full-time page designers got their start by doing a great job on a freelance project for a company. · What are my expenses?This is crucial, particularly because your income might take a while to build. Do you need to upgrade your computer or your Internet connection? Do you need other