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Chapter 7. The Host with the Most: Choos... > A List of Lists: Sites That Offer Li... - Pg. 78

The Host with the Most: Choosing a Web Hosting Provider 78 · cgi-bin--This is a special directory that is meant to store CGI "scripts" that perform behind-the- scenes tasks. The most common use for these scripts is to process form data, as described in Chapter 12, "Need Feedback? Create a Form!" If you want to use any of the prefab scripts available on the web, or if you want to create your own, then you'll need a cgi-bin directory in which to store them. You should also check to see if the cgi-bin is shared with other sites or if you have your own. In general, the host will place greater restrictions on a shared cgi-bin than on a personal one. · Scripts--Speaking of scripts, most good hosts will also offer you a selection of ready-to-run scripts for things such as guest books and e-mailing form data. · FTP access--As you'll see in Chapter 8, you'll usually use the Internet's FTP service to transfer your files from your computer to the web host. If a host offers FTP access (some hosts have their own method for transferring files), make sure that you can use it any time you like and that there are no restrictions on the amount of data you can transfer at one time. · Anonymous FTP--This variation on the FTP theme enables you to set up your own FTP server where other people can log in and download files from or upload files to your site. The more you pay for your site, the more likely you are to get this feature. · FrontPage support--This means that you can use a program called Microsoft FrontPage to manage your website from the comfort of your computer. · Website statistics--These stats tell you things such as how many people have visited your site, which pages are the most popular, how much bandwidth you're consuming, which browsers and browser versions surfers are using, and more. Most decent hosts will offer a ready-made stats package, but the best ones will also give you access to the "raw" log files so that you can play with the data yourself. · E-commerce--Some hosts offer a service that lets you set up a web "store" so that you can sell