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Chapter 7. The Host with the Most: Choos... > A Buyer's Guide to Web Hosting - Pg. 75

The Host with the Most: Choosing a Web Hosting Provider 75 Okay, that's all more or less reasonable. Now, just how does one go about finding one of these web server thingamajigs? Well, the answer to that depends on a bunch of factors, including the type of page you have, how you got connected to the Internet in the first place, and how much money you're willing to shell out for the privilege. In the end, you have three choices: · Use your existing Internet provider. · Try to find a free hosting provider. · Sign up with a commercial hosting provider. Use your existing Internet provider If you access the Internet via a corporate or educational network, your institution might have its own web server that you can use. If you get your Net jollies through an Internet service provider (ISP), ask it if it has a web server available. Many providers provide space so that their customers can put up personal pages free of charge. (This is particularly true of the big online service providers such as AOL.) Try to find a free hosting provider If cash is in short supply, or if you just have a naturally thrifty nature, there are a few hosting providers that will bring your web pages in from the cold out of the goodness of their hearts. In some cases these services are open only to specific groups, such as students, artists, nonprofit organizations, less fortunate members of the Partridge Family, and so on. However, there are plenty of providers that put up personal home pages free of charge. What's the catch? Well, there are almost always restrictions both on how much data you can store and on the type of data you can store (no ads, no dirty pictures, and so on). You'll probably also be required to display on your pages some kind of