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Chapter 7. The Host with the Most: Choos... > A List of Lists: Sites That Offer Li... - Pg. 80

The Host with the Most: Choosing a Web Hosting Provider 80 · excellent site divides hosts into various categories and it also of- fers a "Most Popular" list so you can see who's using who. · site lets you search for a web host by selecting the features you need. · the name implies, this site also offers a search feature for finding a web host that has what you want. · site offers a large index of web hosts. However, its best feature is a monthly ranking of web hosts based on user feedback, features, pricing, and more. · is the site for listings of Internet Service Providers. For our pur- poses, it also tells you whether or not the providers host web pages. · impressively comprehensive site lists hosts in various categories, of- fers a "HostMatch" service to help you find a host that's right for you, has news articles and information related to hosting, and much more. · sure you have plenty of time to spare when you visit this site. It not only lists hosts in a wide range of categories, but it also offers a quotation service, a search service, news and how-to articles, discussion forums, host awards, and more. · working/Internet_and_World_Wide_Web/Network_Service_Providers/Hosting/Web_Site_Host- ing/Directories.Yahoo! maintains a list of web hosting directories at this address. The Least You Need to Know · Web hosting provider. This is a company that runs a web server and supplies you with a chunk of hard disk real estate on that server so that other people can enjoy your pages. · The thrifty route. If you don't want to spend any money to host your site, either ask your ISP if it does web hosting, or try out one of the free web hosts.