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Chapter 7. The Host with the Most: Choos... > A List of Lists: Sites That Offer Li... - Pg. 79

The Host with the Most: Choosing a Web Hosting Provider 79 The next couple of sections provide you with capsule reviews and addresses of these host lists. Lists of Free Web Hosts During the height of the dot-com frenzy, free web hosts seemed to sprout with a weed-like intensity. When the alleged "new economy" became old news and the dot-commers went down in flames, a lot of the free hosts went sneakers up, as well. Of the survivors, many converted themselves into commercial hosts to survive. There are still lots of free hosts left, however, and you can find most of them via the following sites that review or compare these hosts. Webmaster Wisdom For your shopping convenience, I've gathered the links shown here and in the next section and dropped them into a web page. It's called hostlist.htm, and you'll find it on this book's CD. To check out a list, open the page in your favorite browser, click the link, and you're there!