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Chapter 4. The Gist of a List: Adding Li... > Scoring Points with Bulleted Lists - Pg. 47

The Gist of a List: Adding Lists to Your Page <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Bulleted List Example</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <H3>Famous Phobias</H3> <UL> <LI>Augustus Caesar &#151; Achluophobia (fear of sitting in the dark)</LI> <LI>Sigmund Freud &#151; Siderodromophobia (fear of trains)</LI> <LI>Arnold Sch&#246;nberg &#151; Tridecaphobia (fear of the number 13)</LI> <LI>John Cheever &#151; Gephyrophobia (fear of crossing bridges)</LI> <LI>Sid Caesar &#151; Tonsurphobia (fear of haircuts)</LI> </UL> </BODY> </HTML> 47 Figure 4.4 shows how the Internet Explorer browser renders this file--little bullets and all.