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Chapter 4. The Gist of a List: Adding Li... > Putting Your Affairs in Order with N... - Pg. 45

The Gist of a List: Adding Lists to Your Page <OL TYPE="i"> <LI>Gold</LI> <LI>Silver</LI> <LI>Bronze</LI> </OL> <B>TYPE="I":</B> <OL TYPE="I"> <LI>Miss America</LI> <LI>First runner-up</LI> <LI>Second runner-up</LI> </OL> </BODY> </HTML> 45 Webmaster Wisdom Another useful <OL> tag attribute is START, which enables you to define the starting point of the list number. For example, if you use <OL START="100">, the first item in your numbered list will be 100, the second will be 101, and so on. Figure 4.3 shows how Internet Explorer handles the various types of lists.