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Chapter 21. The Elements of Web Page Sty... > Link Lessons: Keeping Your Links in ... - Pg. 249

The Elements of Web Page Style 249 Figure 21.6. Some background textures just aren't worth it! Words from the Web A web page that takes forever to load because it's either jammed to the hilt with graphics, or because it contains one or two really large images, is called a JPIG . An annoyingly large web page graphic that serves no useful purpose is known as a vanity plate . Link Lessons: Keeping Your Links in the Pink To finish our look at web page style, here are a few ideas to keep in mind when using links in your pages: · Make your link text descriptive. Link text really stands out on a page because browsers usually display it underlined and in a different color. This means the reader's eye is drawn naturally toward the link text, so you need to make the text descriptive. That way, it's easy for the reader to know exactly what they're linking to. Always avoid the "here" syndrome, where your link text is just "here" or "click here." The snippet below shows you the right and wrong way to set up your link text. Figure 21.7 shows how each one looks in a browser. <H3>Wrong:</H3> The Beet Poets page contains various odes celebrating our favorite edible root, and you can get to it by clicking <A HREF="beetpoet.htm">here</A>. <H3>Right:</H3> The <A HREF="beetpoet.htm">Beet Poets page</A> contains various odes celebrating our favorite edible root.