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Chapter 21. The Elements of Web Page Sty... > Link Lessons: Keeping Your Links in ... - Pg. 251

The Elements of Web Page Style 251 Words from the Web A link to a nonexistent page is called a vaporlink . The Least You Need to Know · Write the right way (for you). Spend the most of your site construction time working on the page text, and remember to write passionately and in your own voice about topics that interest you. · A spoonful of grammar helps the web page go down. The easy road to acceptably grammatical pages is to write the way you speak and to double-check your prose for sense and sensibility. Also, be sure to eliminate all spelling errors (which may mean running the text through a spell checker). · Organizing your site. Keep your pages short and confined to a single topic wherever possible, use your home page as your site's home base, and use a more-or-less consistent layout on all your pages. · The seven bones in a web page skeleton. Your pages should include most or all of the following: a title, a main heading, signature text, a copyright notice, the current page status, a feedback form or link, and a link back to your home page. · Go easy on your visitors. This means setting up each page so that things are easy to find, putting good stuff at the top of the page, creating a table of contents for long pages, and adding new things regularly. · A guide to good graphics. Keep nonessential images small, compress large JPEG and GIF images, include the <IMG> tag's WIDTH, HEIGHT, and ALT attributes, and be very careful about the image you use as