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Chapter 21. The Elements of Web Page Sty... > Guidance for Using Graphics - Pg. 248

The Elements of Web Page Style 248 For starters, don't become a "bandwidth hog" by including too many large images in your page. Remember that when someone accesses your Web page, all the page info--the text and graphics --is sent to that person's computer. The text isn't usually a problem (unless you're sending an entire novel, which I don't recommend), but graphics files are much slower. It's not unusual for a large image to take a minute or more to materialize if the surfer has a slow Internet connection. Clearly, your page better be really good if someone waits that long. Here are some ideas you can use to show mercy on visitors with slow connections: · If your graphics are merely accessories, keep them small. · If you have a large JPEG image, try compressing it so that it will download faster. To adjust the compression of a JPEG using Paint Shop Pro, open the image, select the File, Save As com- mand, and then click the Options button in the Save As dialog box. In the Compression group, move the slider to the right to increase the compression, and then click OK. Save the file under a different name and then see how large the new file is. Remember that the higher the com- pression, the lower the image quality, so you might need to play around with the compression value to find an ideal value. · If you have a large GIF image, the following sites offer services that will "optimize" the image for faster downloading: and · Always use the <IMG> tag's WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes (see Chapter 6). · Don't populate your home page with a single, massive "Enter My Site Here" image. Few things are as annoying as waiting forever for the image to download, only to find out that you're still not at the actual site. Grrr. · It's acceptable to use graphics to get spiffy fonts because you can't be sure that surfers have the same font installed on their computers. However, don't rely on this too heavily, or your page could end up as nothing but a giant image!