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Chapter 21. The Elements of Web Page Sty... > The Overall Organization of Your Web... - Pg. 242

The Elements of Web Page Style 242 Some studies show that many web ramblers don't like to scroll at all! They want to see one screenful and then move on. This is extreme behavior, to be sure, and probably not all that common (for now, anyway). My guess is that many folks make a snap judgment about a page based on their initial impression. If they don't like what they see, they catch the nearest wave and keep surfin'. To avoid these pitfalls, consider dividing large topics into smaller subtopics and assigning each one a separate page. Make sure you include links in each page that make it easy for the reader to follow the topic sequentially (more on this later). For example, I have an e-mail primer on my site. It's a long article, so I divided it up into eight separate pages and then added navigation links to help the reader move from section to section. Figure 21.1 shows one of those sections.