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Part: 6 Show Me the Money: Turning Your ... > Web Graphics Sampler - Pg. 311

The CD: The Webmaster's Toolkit 311 Many of this book's chapters (especially those in Part 1, "Creating Your First Web Page") are sprin- kled with examples showing HTML tags on the go. If you'd like to incorporate some of these exam- ples into your own web work, don't bother typing your poor fingers to the bone. Instead, all the example files are sitting on the CD, ready for you to use. These example files are in the \Examples directory on the CD. Note, too, that everything is organized by chapter. The files for Chapter 1, "A Brief HTML Primer," are in \Examples\Chap01, the files for Chapter 2, "Laying the Foundation: The Basic Structure of a Web Page," are in \Examples\Chap02, and so on. Web Graphics Sampler Back in Chapter 6, "A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Clicks: Working with Images," you saw how a graphic or two can add a nice touch to an otherwise drab web page. Then, in Chapter 22, "Some HTML Resources on the Web," I mentioned a few spots on the web where you can find images to suit any occasion. But before you go traipsing off to one of these sites, you might want to check out what's on the CD. There you'll find hundreds of files that give you everything from simple bullets and lines to useful icons and pictures. There's even a section with some high-quality animated GIFs. Programs for Web Weavers The Webmaster's Toolkit is also loaded with a whack of software programs that can help you create better pages. The rest of this appendix presents a summary of the programs you'll find. HTML Editors Here's a list of the HTML editors that are in the Webmaster's Toolkit: