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Chapter 16. The Box Model: Styles for Di... > The Box Revealed: Setting Borders - Pg. 184

The Box Model: Styles for Dimensions, Borders, Margins, and More 184 Page Pitfalls For borders to work properly, make sure you set at least the style. Also, Netscape 4's support of the border properties is flaky, so check your code (Netscape 6 appears to handle borders reasonably well). · border-style--Specifies the style of all the borders, in this order: border-top-style, border- right-style, border-bottom-style, and border-left-style. As usual, separate each property with a space, or use a single value for all four sides. The following table outlines the various values you can use for each border style property. Table 16.1. Values for the Various Border Style Properties Enter ... double groove inset none outset ridge solid To Get a Border That Uses ... A double line A V-shaped line that appears to be etched into the page A line that appears to be sunken into the page No line (that is, no border is displayed) A line that appears to be raised from the page A V-shaped line that appears to be coming out of the page A solid line