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Chapter 22. Some HTML Resources on the Web > HTML Mailing Lists - Pg. 259

Some HTML Resources on the Web 259 These services tend to be overly critical, so don't feel as though you have to act on every suggestion. Just look for and fix the obvious errors and leave the nitpicky stuff for people who don't have lives. · Bobby--This service is a bit different from the others I present in this list. Bobby's job is to scan your page and then tell you if people with disabilities (such as impaired eyesight) might have problems viewing or reading your page. If it finds any problems, Bobby offers suggestions for improving the accessibility of the page. See · NetMechanic's Browser Photo--This unique service sends you "photos" that show you how your page looks in various browsers, browser versions, operating systems, and screen sizes. See · NetMechanic's HTML Toolbox--This service not only checks your page for HTML errors, it also tells you if your page contains broken links, and it tells you the approximate load time for the page. See · W3C HTML Validation Service--This validation service is courtesy of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the folks who create and maintain the HTML standard (among others), so you can be sure they know what they're talking about. See · W3C CSS Validation Service--This is another service from the W3C. This one focuses on val- idating your style sheets. See · Web Site Garage--This excellent service performs all the usual checks, plus it looks for broken links, browser incompatibilities, and even spelling errors. See · Weblint--This is one of the best checkers (because it picks the lint off your web pages). Place your page address or your HTML code into one of the boxes near the bottom of the screen, click Check it, and Weblint goes to work. After a few seconds, a new page appears with a complete analysis of your page. See