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Chapter 22. Some HTML Resources on the W... > Passing Muster: Page Checkers - Pg. 258

Some HTML Resources on the Web 258 But how do you know if your site is attracting hordes or merely collecting dust? How do you know if you've hit the big time, or just hit the skids? In other words, how do you know the number of people who've accessed your pages? Well, there are two ways you can go: · Ask your hosting provider.Many companies can supply you with statistics that tell you the num- ber of "hits" your site has taken. · Include a counter in your web page.A counter is a little program that increments each time some surfer requests the page. Creating a counter program is well beyond the scope of a humble book such as this (insert sigh of relief here). However, a few community-minded programmers have made counter programs avail- able on the web. Happily, you don't even have to copy or install these programs. All you have to do is insert a link to the program in your page, and the counter is updated automatically whenever someone checks out the page. This section provides you with a list of some counter programs to try: · The is a free counter that doesn't require placing an ad on your site. See · eXTReMe Tracker--This is a great service that offers a wide range of tracking options. See · FastCounter--This is a basic counter that's easy to set up (several different styles are available) and that sends reports to you via e-mail. See · The WebCounter--This is a nicely implemented, no-frills counter. Note that busy sites (those getting more than 1,000 hits a day) have to pay a subscription fee to use this counter. See · Yahoo!'s Access Counter Index--As usual, Yahoo! has a long list of sites that supply counters. See