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Chapter 22. Some HTML Resources on the W... > Counter Check: Tallying Your Hits - Pg. 257

Some HTML Resources on the Web 257 · Art and the Zen of Web Sites--This is a thoughtful article on how best to approach and design a site (although its extreme length violates one of the cardinal principles of good design!). See · Composing Good HTML--This site includes a guide by Eric Tilton that's a bit on the advanced side. It has a good section on common errors that crop up in HTML documents. See www.ol- · HTMLTips--This site includes a nice compendium of articles in categories such as design and graphics. See · The Sevloid Guide to Web Design--Arranged in a tips and tricks format, this site offers over 100 pointers on good web design. See · Style Guide for Online Hypertext--This is a friendly manual on good web page design by no less an authority than Tim Berners-Lee, the fellow who invented the World Wide Web. See · Top Ten Ways to Tell If You Have a Sucky Home Page--This is a tongue-in-cheek (sort of) look at the ten worst things you can do in a web page. (Number 11? Using dumb words like "sucky"!) The site also has a "Sucky to Savvy" page that offers tips for avoiding the dreaded "sucky" label. See · Web Pages That Suck--What is it with this word "suck"? Anyway, the premise of this fun site is simple: Learn good site design by checking out (and, usually, laughing at) sites that feature bad design. See · WEB WONK--This page offers a few handy tips on making pages look their best. See · Webmonkey Design Collection--This site includes a series of articles with loads of great tips and ideas about designing sites. See · What Is Good Hypertext Writing?This site is an excellent guide (though a bit on the pedantic side) to web page writing and editing. See · Yale Style Manual--This is a stuffy but exhaustive guide to all aspects of site design. See Counter Check: Tallying Your Hits Okay, you've labored heroically to get your pages just right, a web server is serving them up piping hot, and you've even advertised your site shamelessly around the Internet. All that's left to do now is wait for the hordes to start beating a path to your digital door. Page Pitfalls Counters are fun, and they're certainly a handy way to keep track of the amount of activity your page is gen- erating. There are, however, three counter-related caveats you should know about: · The counter program sits on another computer, so it takes time for the program to get and send its infor- mation. This means your page loads a little slower than usual. · If the computer that stores the counter program goes "down for the count" (sorry about that), the count won't appear on your page. · Counters are notoriously fickle beasts that tend to reset themselves to 0 whenever they feel like it.