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Chapter 22. Some HTML Resources on the W... > The Big Picture: HTML Reference Page... - Pg. 255

Some HTML Resources on the Web 255 Back in Chapter 11, "Making Your Web Pages Dance and Sing," I showed you how to turn your web page into a multimedia machine by adding sounds. If you don't have a ready supply of audio material on hand, here's a list of some sites that'll get you started: · The Daily .WAV--This site posts a new WAV file each weekday. It also has an extensive archive of WAV and MIDI files. See · EarthStation1--This site claims to be "The Internet's #1 Audio/Visual Archive," and judging by the massive number of sound and video clips they have on hand, I for one am not going to doubt them. See · FindSounds--You won't find any sound files archived on this site. Instead, you use it to search the web for a particular sound effect. You can specify the sound format you want, the quality of the recording, and more. See · SoundAmerica--This site has thousands of sound clips from all walks of life, including cartoons, movies, TV, and more. It also has a nice collection of MIDI music. See · Whoopie ! With a name like that, a site better be good--real good. And this one certainly is (see Figure 22.2). Here, you can find links to all kinds of sound, MIDI, and video files, as well as pointers to plug-ins and helper applications. See