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Chapter 22. Some HTML Resources on the Web > Sites for Sounds - Pg. 254

Some HTML Resources on the Web 254 · Absolute Background Textures Archive--This site claims to be "The Largest Collection of Free Background Textures on the Internet." I don't know if that's true, but with over 3,000 backgrounds on display, I can't imagine a bigger collection. See · The Background Boutique--This site boasts a very nice collection of custom graphics in both regular and bordered styles. See · Backgrounds By Marie--A wonderful collection of textures, including some nice margined back- grounds. Thanks, Marie! See · Dr. Zeus' Textures--At this site you can find some truly unique and way-out images. Most of them are totally useless for displaying text, but they sure look wild! See Art/Textures/Textures.html. · site's name says it all: hundreds of high-quality backgrounds free for the taking. See · Netscape's Background Sampler--This site has a truckload of textures from the folks who star- ted all this background nonsense in the first place. See backgrounds.html. · Pattern Land--"Where all your pattern fantasies come true!" I bet you didn't even know you had pattern fantasies. See · Silk Purse Backgrounds--This site has an unusual collection of images. They're copyrighted by the author, but they can be used for nonprofit purposes. See backgrnd.html. · The Wallpaper Machine--This interesting site displays a different background each time you refresh the page. When you see one that you like, grab it for use on your own pages. See · Yahoo!'s Background Index--If none of the previous pages suits your fancy, Yahoo! has a list