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Chapter 22. Some HTML Resources on the W... > Graphics Goodies II: Yet Another B—B... - Pg. 253

Some HTML Resources on the Web 253 Webmaster Wisdom To make surfing all these sites even easier, I've included a hypertext document on this book's CD that includes links to every site mentioned in this chapter. Look for the file named resource.htm. This section gets you going with some sites to check out for the buttons, bars, and other little ac- cessories that add character to a page: · Celine's Original .GIFs--This site includes a nice collection of images created by Celine herself. If you use one of her images, she'll even put a link to your page on her graphics page. See · Ender Design: Realm Graphics--This is one of the best places to go for a wide variety of quality icons, balls, bullets, and more. And, if you're feeling gung-ho, you might want to use one of the few graphics-related documents (GIF versus JPEG, selecting a background, and more). See · GifsNow--GifsNow (formerly netCREATORS) has oodles of images organized in dozens of categories. See · GraphXKingdom--This site has a few bullets and things, but its forte is its large collection of icons and clip art, handily arranged by category. See · Image-O-Rama--This site includes a large collection of graphics, especially the three B's. There's also an "Other Stuff" page that has a few cool icons, as well as a good collection of animated GIFs. See · IconBAZAAR--This site includes the usual portfolio of web page wonders, plus a few interesting variations on the standard themes. See · Jelane's Free Web Graphics--This site has a great collection of graphical gadgets created by Jelane Johnson. Particularly interesting are the "families" of graphics that offer buttons and ar- rows and other images that use a common design. See · Image Archives--This is a collection of images that were distributed in earlier versions of this book. See · Pixel Warehouse--This site includes lots of public domain images, and a well-crafted set of custom graphics that offer unique takes on the standard categories. See · Yahoo!'s Icon Index--This site includes a seemingly endless list of sites that have collections of icons, bullets, and other images for web pages. See Graphic_Design/Web_Page_Design_and_Layout/Graphics/Icons. Graphics Goodies II: Yet Another B--Background Textures I don't like background images myself, but lots of web welders swear by them. If you want to give them a try, you might find a few files at some of the sites mentioned in the last section. You can also find lots of textures (as background images are often called) in the following locations: