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Part: 6 Show Me the Money: Turning Your ... > The CD: The Webmaster's Toolkit - Pg. 310

310 Appendix C. The CD: The Webmaster's Toolkit As I've mentioned before, this book's whole purpose is to be a one-stop shop for budding websmiths. To that end, the text is geared toward getting you up to speed with this HTML rigmarole without a lot of fuss and flapdoodle. But fine words butter no parsnips, as they say (no, they really do), so you'll also find a complete "Webmaster's Toolkit" on the CD that's pasted into the back of this book. This toolkit is jammed to the hilt with handy references, files, and software that should provide everything you need to get your web authorship off to a rousing start. This appendix describes what's on the CD and tells you how to install it. Accessing the CD's Contents To get to the goodies on the CD, there are two routes you can take: