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Part: 6 Show Me the Money: Turning Your ... > Speak Like a Geek Glossary - Pg. 295

Speak Like a Geek Glossary 295 invisible web The collection of searchable websites whose content exists within databases and so can't be indexed by search engines. For example, see the Encyclopedia Britannica site (www.britann- ISP Internet service provider. A company that offers access to the Internet. Java A programming language designed to create software (an applet) that runs inside a web page. Can also be used to create standalone applications such as word processors and spreadsheets. See Also craplet, dancing baloney. Javlovian Describes the automatic response that causes marketing types to come up with only cute, cof- fee-related names for Java-based products (Cafe, Roaster, Java Beans, Latte, and so on ad nauseum). JPEG A common web graphics format developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. See Also GIF. JPIG A web page that takes forever to load because it's either jammed to the hilt with graphics, or because it contains one or two really large images. See Also dirt road. Kbps Kilobits per second (thousands of bits per second). link