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Speak Like a Geek Glossary 293 favorites In Internet Explorer, a list of web pages that you've saved for subsequent surfs. To return to a page, just select it from the list. See Also bookmarks. flash crowd A sharp and often overwhelming increase in the number of users attempting to access a website simultaneously, usually in response to some event or announcement. See Also hit-and-run page, hot spot. flooded A page rendered unreadable because of a poorly chosen background image. "I had to bail out of that page because the background was flooded with some butt-ugly tartan." See Also wrackground image. form A web document used for gathering information from the reader. Most forms have at least one text field where you can enter text data (such as your name or the keywords for a search). More sophisticated forms also include check boxes (for toggling a value on or off), radio buttons (for selecting one of several options), and command buttons (for performing an action such as sub- mitting the form). frames Rectangular browser areas that contain separate chunks of text, graphics, and HTML. In other words, you can use frames to divide the browser window into two or more separate pages. Frequently Asked Questions list A list of questions that, over the history of a newsgroup or website, have come up most often. If you want to send a question to a newsgroup or to a website's administrator, it's proper neti- quette to read the group's FAQ list to see if you can find the answer there first. FTP File Transfer Protocol. This is the usual method for sending your HTML files to your web server. Note that it's okay to use FTP as both a noun (a method for transferring files) and a verb ("Your images aren't showing up because you forgot to FTP the graphics files to your home directory."). geek Someone who knows a lot about computers and very little about anything else. GIF Graphics Interchange Format. One of the two most commonly used graphics format on the web. See Also JPEG. grammar slack The tolerance exhibited by most Internet users for small spelling and grammar errors. greenlink To use the web for monetary gain. guru site A website, put together by an expert on a particular subject, that contains a large amount of useful, accurate information on that subject. hard launch The release of a product or website for public consumption. head The top part of an HTML file. This is like an introduction to a web page. Web browsers use the head to glean various types of information about the page (such as the title). See Also body.