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Speak Like a Geek Glossary 292 cyberscriber A person who publishes something in an Internet forum (such as a web page or a Usenet newsgroup). cyberspace The place you "go" when you reach out beyond your own computer and interact with information or people on other computer systems. See Also meatspace. cybersquatting The practice of obtaining and holding an Internet domain name that uses another company's registered trademark name. cyberstyle The writing style used in most online communications. This style is characterized by one or more of the following traits: frequent use of abbreviations, acronyms, and jargon; "street" slang (for example, using "cuz" instead of "because"); typos, misspelled words, and a general inat- tention to grammar and sentence structure; a rambling, stream-of-consciousness style. cybersurfer A person who surfs cyberspace. dancing baloney Web page-based animated images, Java applets, and other bells and whistles that are not only useless, but also detract from the overall quality of the page. See Also craplet. dead tree edition The paper version of an online magazine or journal. deep link