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Part: 6 Show Me the Money: Turning Your ... > Speak Like a Geek Glossary - Pg. 291

Speak Like a Geek Glossary CGI 291 See Common Gateway Interface (CGI). CGI Joe A programmer who specializes in the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts that accept and handle input from most web page forms. character reference Sounds like something you'd put on your resumé, but it's really an HTML code that lets you insert special characters in your web pages (such as é). See Also entity name. click-through When the user clicks an ad. click-through ratio (CTR) The rate at which users click an ad. It's calculated by dividing the number of click-throughs by the number of impressions. clickstream The "path" a person takes as they navigate through the World Wide Web. client-side image map An image map where the links are processed by the browser instead of the server. See Also server-side image map. cobweb page A web page that hasn't been updated in a long time. ColdFusion A product that enables a web designer to build and display web pages from a database. comment