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Part: 6 Show Me the Money: Turning Your ... > Speak Like a Geek Glossary - Pg. 290

Speak Like a Geek Glossary 290 anchor A word or phrase in a web page that's used as a target for a link. When the user selects the link, the browser jumps to the anchor, which might exist in the same document or in a different document. applet A Java program. See Also craplet, dancing baloney. arachnerd A person who spends way too much time either surfing the web or fussing with his home page. ASP See Active Server Pages (ASP). bandwidth A measure of how much stuff can be stuffed through a transmission medium such as a phone line or network cable. Web hosting providers use this term to mean the amount of data that is sent to and from your site. Bandwidth is measured in bits per second. banner ad An ad that appears in a web page as a rectangular, clickable image. Barney page A page whose sole purpose in life is to capitalize on a trendy topic. The name comes from the spate of pages bashing poor Barney the Dinosaur that were all the rage a while back. Past Barney pages have been dedicated to O.J. and Princess Diana. Also known as a macarena page. bit The fundamental unit of computer information (it's a blend of the words "binary" and "digit").