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Chapter 15. Sheet Music: Styles for Font... > Using Styles to Control Fonts - Pg. 169

Sheet Music: Styles for Fonts, Colors, and Backgrounds 169 Figure 15.2. A few font families in Internet Explorer 5. Figure 15.3. The same families in Netscape 6 for the Mac. Font Weight Styles (Bolding) The font weight controls the thickness of text. For example, the <B> tag renders text as bold by displaying thicker letters. As usual, however, style sheets give you much greater control. In this case, you use the font-weight style: font-weight: value Here, value can be either of the following: · A predefined weight--Use one of the following predefined values: normal, bold, bolder, or lighter. The latter two are relative values that make the text appear bolder or lighter than the surrounding text. · A specific weight--Use one of the following: 100, 200, 300, 400 (normal), 500, 600, 700 (bold), 800, or 900.