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Chapter 15. Sheet Music: Styles for Font... > Using Styles to Control Fonts - Pg. 167

Sheet Music: Styles for Fonts, Colors, and Backgrounds <SPAN STYLE="font-size: x-small">x-small</SPAN>, <SPAN STYLE="font-size: small">small</SPAN>, <SPAN STYLE="font-size: medium">medium</SPAN>, <SPAN STYLE="font-size: large">large</SPAN>, <SPAN STYLE="font-size: x-large">x-large</SPAN>, and <SPAN STYLE="font-size: xx-large">xx-large.</SPAN> <DIV STYLE="font-size: small"> You can also special order t-shirts in <SPAN STYLE="font-size: smaller">smaller</SPAN> or <SPAN STYLE="font-size: larger">larger</SPAN> sizes. </DIV> Our biggest shirt is <SPAN STYLE="font-size: 24pt">Size 24</SPAN>. </BODY> </HTML> 167 Figure 15.1. Styles enable you to set all kinds of different font sizes. Font Family (Typeface) Styles