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Chapter 25. Selling Stuff Online > Where to Learn About Big-Time E-Commerce - Pg. 286

Selling Stuff Online 286 The form from the previous section is designed to be e-mailed to you (using, for example, my Mail- Form service). Once you receive the form data, you may need to finalize the order total to include extra charges such as shipping, gift wrapping, and taxes. Once that's done, you have several choices: · Contact the customer and ask him or her to send you a check or money order for the full amount. · Use a third-party payment service such as PayPal (see to arrange a cash transfer from the customer's account to yours. · Contact the customer and ask for his or her credit card (or debit card) information and then use that info to process the payment. How do you go about processing a credit card transaction? One easy way is to lease a swipe terminal that's normally used for swiping credit cards. You won't have access to the physical card, of course, but these terminals allow you to enter card numbers and expiration dates by hand. You can usually lease one for about US$30 per month. The next step up from there is to contract with a third-party payment service to handle the dirty work of each credit card transaction. This is called a payment gateway. Many of the companies that I discussed at the start of this chapter also offer payment gateway services that let you add credit card processing to your pages. There are also some companies that will handle credit card transactions for you. Here are a few to check out: · · ·