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Chapter 25. Selling Stuff Online > The No Muss Method: Renting Online Retail Sp... - Pg. 280

280 Chapter 25. Selling Stuff Online In This Chapter · Using an e-commerce hosting service · Creating an order form for your site · Processing orders · Pointers to e-commerce tutorials Have you got a widget you want to sell on the web? Whether it's a painting, a pencil sharpener, or a paperback, there's a big, fat wired market out there, just waiting to clamor for your product. You already know more than enough HTML to put together a classy catalog that shows your wares in their best light. But what happens when someone takes a shine to one of your trinkets and says, "I'll take it!"? Answering that question is the subject of this chapter. You'll learn about a few different ways to sell things online, including how to rent online retail space and how to cobble together an interactive order form that calculates the total automatically.