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Chapter 25. Selling Stuff Online > The No Muss Method: Renting Online Retail Sp... - Pg. 282

Selling Stuff Online 282 Webmaster Wisdom I've collected all of the resources I mention in this chapter and placed links for them in the file named selling.htm on this book's CD. · BigStep--This site offers a package called BigStep Store that includes a site-building service, Search Engine Manager (a site marketing tool), Catalog Manager (a tool for constructing a cat- alog of your products), a shopping cart, a merchant account to handle credit card transactions, and automatic tax and shipping calculations. A basic store (up to 25 items) will set up back US $44.95 per month, although a 30-day free trial is available. See · BizBlast--This site's major feature is the StoreFront Wizard, an interactive tool that takes you step by step through the process of building an online store. The wizard creates a catalog of your products, and a customized shopping cart. You then upload your store to the BizBlast server, which supports secure credit card transactions, tax and shipping calculations, and more. A basic "Corner Store" supports up to 26 products for US$29.95 per month. See