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Chapter 25. Selling Stuff Online > The No Muss Method: Renting Online Retail Sp... - Pg. 281

Selling Stuff Online 281 Page Pitfalls Remember that all prices quoted here are accurate as of when I hunted-and-pecked them into this chapter. Always double-check prices before signing up with any service. · Setup fee:Most sites charge a setup not only for hosting your site, but also for setting up a merchant account. The latter is required in order for you to handle credit card transactions. · Hidden fees:Most sites (or the credit card services they use, such as Cardservice International) will charge you an extra monthly fee for such an account, and may also charge you extra fees for each transaction. Some services also charge a "revenue share" fee that's a percentage of your monthly sales. Make sure you find out about these fees up front. Here are a few companies that rent online retail space: · AT&T Small Business Hosting Services--AT&T's small business hosting service combines web hosting with an e-commerce option (see Figure 25.1). You get a "wizard" to help you build your store, a shopping cart, real-time credit card processing, automatic tax and shipping calculations, and much more. Prices start at US$50 per month. See ductoverview.cfm?productid=sbhseo. Figure 25.1. AT&T can host your site and toss in the necessary e-commerce doohickeys. · bCentral--This Microsoft site offers a package called Commerce Manager that enables you to set up an online catalog. In this catalog you can enter product descriptions and images, inventory levels, product numbers, and more. bCentral will then list your cataloged products on various shopping and auction sites. It then handles the orders for you, including processing credit cards, security, and e-mail notification of orders. The price is US$24.95 per month, or US$224.95 per year. See