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Part: 5 Rounding Out Your HTML Education - Pg. 227

227 Part 5. Rounding Out Your HTML Education Okay, that's it; the show's over. Our box of HTML basics is now empty and all the shiny web page baubles, bangles, and bric-a-brac have been brought out for your consideration. It's true: your ed- ucation on HTML fundamentals is over, finito, sayonara, done like dinner. You know it all. Been there, done that. Well, so now what? Ah, now it's time for a bit of HTML finishing school. The next three chapters help bring everything together by running through a few semi-interesting web page technologies, giving you pointers on good HTML and web design style, and by offering you tons of links to websites that have resources or know-how that you'll find useful for the rest of your webmaster career.