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Chapter 8. Publish or Perish: Putting Yo... > “Hey, I'm over here!” Getting Your S... - Pg. 90

Publish or Perish: Putting Your Page on the Web 90 Page Pitfalls Make sure you send the updated file to the correct directory on the server. Otherwise, you may overwrite a file that happens to have the same name in some other directory. Well, here's the short answer: You don't. That's right, after you've sent your files, you never have to bother with them again. That doesn't mean you can never update your site, however. Instead, you make your changes to the HTML files that reside on your computer and then send these revised files to your web provider. These files replace the old files, and your site is updated with no questions asked. "Hey, I'm over here!" Getting Your Site on the Search Engines If you build it, they will come, right? Unfortunately, the answer to that is, "not necessarily." The web is a massive place that boasts billions (yes, I said billions ) of pages. So even though your magnificent and hard-won work is on the web, all you've really done at this point is add your own needle to the web's digital haystack. How are people supposed to know that your new cyberhome is up and running and ready for visi- tors? Well, people won't beat a path to your door unless you tell them how to get there. For starters, you can spread the news via word of mouth, e-mail notes to friends and colleagues, and by handing