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Chapter 8. Publish or Perish: Putting Yo... > “Hey, I'm over here!” Getting Your S... - Pg. 93

Publish or Perish: Putting Your Page on the Web 93 · Crucial keywords go first.Search engines tend to prioritize keywords in the order they appear. Therefore, if you have one or more important keywords, put them at the beginning of the <META> tag. Perhaps the best advice I can give you is to try and get your head inside the searcher. If it was you who was searching for data similar to what's on your page, what keywords and phrases would you use? The Least You Need to Know · Your directory and your address are related. Your main web address points to your main directory on the host's web server. This means that any files or subdirectories you add can be viewed by adding the ap- propriate file and directory names to the address. · Mirroring your HTML stuff. Make sure that the folder structure you use on your computer is identical to the directory structure you set up on the host. · Check your pages. Before sending your page to the host, check for things such as missing angle brackets, quotations marks, and end tags, and mistyped link addresses. Also, be sure to check your page in different browsers and at different screen resolutions. · Submit your site to search engines. Use the pages provided by most search engines to tell them about your new site. · <META> tags are a must. For search engines to properly index your site, and for surfers to find it, include both a Description and a Keywords <META> tag on all of your pages.