Publish or Perish: Putting Your Page on the Web I mentioned back in Chapter 5 that the Unix computers that play host to the vast majority of web servers are downright finicky when it comes to the uppercase and lowercase letters used in file and directory names. Therefore, it's crucial that you check your <A> tags and <IMG> tags to make sure that the file and directory names you use match the combination of uppercase and lowercase letters used on your server. For example, suppose you have a graphics file on your server that's named vacation.gif. If your <IMG> tag points to, say, VACATION.GIF, the image won't appear. To help prevent problems, you can tell CuteFTP to force all your filenames to lowercase letters. In the Site Manager, highlight your FTP site, click Edit, and then display the Advanced tab. In the Filenames group, activate the Force Lowercase option and then click OK. 89 Creating a New Directory If you need to create separate subdirectories for your graphics or HTML files, CuteFTP makes it easy. You have two choices: · If you already have the corresponding subfolder on your computer, upload the entire folder to the server. (That is, you highlight the folder in CuteFTP's left file pane and then select Transfer, Upload. · To create a new subdirectory on the server, first open the server directory you want to work (or just click anywhere inside the right file pane to activate it). Then select the Commands, Directory, Make new directory command (or press Ctrl+M). In the dialog box that appears, enter the name of the new directory and then click OK. Again, remember that your goal is to end up with exactly the same directory structure on both your own computer and on the server. Figure 8.4 shows an example. Figure 8.4. When you're finished, the list of files and directories on the web server (right) should be identical to the list of files and folders on your computer (left). Making Changes to Your Web Files What happens if you send an HTML file to your web provider and then realize you've made a typing gaffe? Or what if you have more information to add to one of your web pages? How do you make changes to the files that you've already sent?