Publish or Perish: Putting Your Page on the Web 86 · Mac users have a number of FTP programs to try out, including the most popular one, which is called Fetch. You can get them via TUCOWS ( Click the Macintosh link. Adding Your Web Host's FTP Site Before you can send anything to the web server, you have to tell CuteFTP how to find it and how to log on. Thankfully, you have to do this only once, and you're set for life (or at least until you move to another web host). Before you begin, you need three pieces of data, which your web host should have given to you when you signed up: · The address of the host's FTP site. (This most often takes the form, but in many cases you use the address of the web host, such as · Your FTP user name (which is usually the same as your website user name). · Your FTP password (which, again, is usually the same as your website password) With that info in hand, here's how it's done: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Start CuteFTP. The Site Manager dialog box appears. Click the New site button. CuteFTP then prompts you to enter the settings for the new site. In the Label for site text box, enter a name for this site (something like "My Web Home" or the name of the web host is just fine). In the FTP Host Address text box, enter the address of the host's FTP site. Enter your FTP user name in the FTP site User Name text box. Enter your FTP password in the FTP site Password text box. (Note that, for security reasons, the password appears as asterisks.)