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Chapter 8. Publish or Perish: Putting Yo... > What does your web home look like? - Pg. 83

Publish or Perish: Putting Your Page on the Web 83 · Create your subfolders under this home base folder. In this case, the subfolders you create must have the same names as the ones you want to use on your website. Webmaster Wisdom To help reduce the confusion, in this chapter when I use the word folder, I'm referring to a directory on your computer; when I use the term directory, I'm referring to a directory on your web host's server. To see why this is so useful, suppose you set up a subfolder on your computer named graphics that you use to store your image files. To insert into your page a file named mydog.jpg from that folder, you'd use the following tag: <IMG SRC="graphics/mydog.jpg"> When you send your HTML file to the server and you then display the file in a browser, it will look for mydog.jpg in the graphics subdirectory. If you don't have such a subdirectory--either you didn't create it or you used a different name, such as images--the browser won't find mydog.jpg and your