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Chapter 8. Publish or Perish: Putting Yo... > What does your web home look like? - Pg. 82

Publish or Perish: Putting Your Page on the Web Your web address will normally take one of the following shapes: http://provider/yourname/ http://yourname.provider/ http://www.yourname/ 82 Here, provider is the host name of your provider (for example, or just angel- and login is your login name or domain name. Here are some examples: The Relationship Between Your Directory and Your Web Address There's a direct and important relationship between your server directory and your address. That is, your address actually "points to" your directory and it enables other people to view the files that you store in that directory. For example, suppose I decide to store a file named thingamajig.html in my directory and that my main address is This means that someone else can view that file by typing the following URL into his browser: Similarly, suppose I create a subdirectory named CreatingAWebPage and I use it to store a file named index.html. This means that a surfer can view that file by convincing her browser to head for the following URL: