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Chapter 12. Need Feedback? Create a Form! > Oh say, can you CGI? - Pg. 142

Need Feedback? Create a Form! 142 · CGI For Me.This site offers what's known in the trade as remote CGI hosting. This means that the scripts run on the CGI For Me server and you link to them from your own page. You don't have to worry about script installation or configuration, and it's perfect if your web host doesn't allow CGI scripts. See · The CGI Resource Index.If there's a good CGI resource on the web, this site knows about it. It has thousands of links to scripts, tutorials, articles, programmers for hire, and much more. See · Extropia.This site is the brainchild of Selena Sol and Gunther Birznieks, and it's one of the best CGI resources on the web. See · Matt's Script Archive.Matt Wright has written tons of CGI scripts and graciously offers them gratis to the web community. He has scripts for a guest book, random link generator, animation, and lots more. It's a great site and a must for would-be CGI mavens. See www.worldwide- · NCSA--The Common Gateway Interface.This is the place on the web for CGI info. NCSA (the same folks who made the original Mosaic browser) has put together a great collection of tutorials, tips, and sample programs. See · ScriptSearch.This site bills itself as "The World's Largest CGI Library," and with thousands of scripts in dozens of categories, I can believe it. See · comp.infosystems.www.authoring.cgi.This newsgroup is a useful spot for CGI tips and tricks, and it's just a good place to hang around with fellow web programmers. · Yahoo's CGI Index.This is a long list of CGI-related resources. Many of the links have either CGI how-to info or actual programs you can use. See Software/Internet/World_Wide_Web_Servers/Server_Side_Scripting/Common_Gateway_Inter- face__CGI.