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Chapter 12. Need Feedback? Create a Form... > Multiple Choice Options: Radio Butto... - Pg. 138

Need Feedback? Create a Form! <INPUT TYPE="RADIO" NAME="Politics" VALUE="Republican">Country Club Republican<BR> <INPUT TYPE="RADIO" NAME="Politics" VALUE="Way Right">So far right, I'm left<BR> </DD></DL> <P> <INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" VALUE="Submit"> <INPUT TYPE="RESET"> </FORM> </BODY> </HTML> 138 Notice that the first five radio buttons all use the name "Salary" and the next five all use the name "Politics." This tells the browser that it's dealing with two separate groups of buttons. This way, the user can select one (and only one) button in the "Salary" group and one (and only one) button in the "Politics" groups, as shown in Figure 12.7.